Gilliam Weylin D.


In Memory of

Weylin D. Gilliam

My Loving precious Son!

I Love and Miss you.

Son of Wendy Gilliam and Kevin Hildebrand

December 28th 1978 – January 31, 1979.


Even though we didn’t have much time together, I treasure every moment.
I try so hard to picture your beautiful face. The years have just flew by
and you would be 26 years old it doesn’t seem like that long ago to me, its
seems like just yesterday that you were taken from me. I wonder what
you be like now, would we be close, would you come to me with your problems
and concerns. We missed out on so much, your birthday’s, you going to
school and me coming to watch you at school activities, the excited look on
your face on Christmas morning, and just watching my baby grow up, I find
myself wondering what your voice would sound like. But those things didn’t
happen and you are in a better place and I know that family members who are in
heaven with you are taking good care of you until I can be there with
you, I can’t wait for that day. People have been telling me for years that
the pain of losing you would get easier to deal with, and I wouldn’t feel
this big empty spot in my heart, but son that is not true, the hole in my
heart is just as big if not bigger than ever. It will never get easier, I
will always feel this emptiness, and I will always wonder about you. I love
you with all my heart, and you are the biggest treasure I have had in my
life, and nothing will ever take your place in my soul.

I love you;
Your Mother