Ewell Wendy Noteboom


In Memory of

Wendy Noteboom Ewell

Born: 12-17-74

Died: 7-8-05



Wendy drowned while vacationing in Mexico.
She earned a degree in medical illustration at Iowa State University and later studied at the Art Students League of New York in Manhattan. She exhibited her paintings throughout New York, Tucson, and Michigan, receiving numerous awards and honors. She loved the native grass, the reflection of the sun; the changing color of sunsets, the beauty of a flower, and rainbows within a bubble. She captured that in her art. Her paintings can be enjoyed at: www.wendyewell.com. Her spirit will be within us forever–we will remember her in the spring with the first brave crocus; in the summer, when the sun shines on the rose petals; in the autumn when the trees are ablaze in color; and in the winter while watching a blizzard whirling snow.


Life’s Dancer

By Wendy’s sister
Erin Ann Noteboom (Bow)

The wind
Is a dancer
Whistling through the trees
She hums
A song of life unchanging
You cannot imprison the wind
She dances with the
Spirit of life
You are life’s dancer, wind
Taught by the spirit
That belongs
To the grass and trees
And the living growing things
You are life’s dancer, wind.
Dancing with spirit
That exists
Without the confines
Of time
And change
You are life’s dancer, wind …
Helped by the spirit
To escape the invincible
Of time
And space
And change.
You are life’s dancer, wind
Teach me to dance


Loved and Missed by Parents, Family, and Friends