Patterson RonTavious Brian


In Memory of

RonTavious Brian Patterson

Born May 6th 2005

Time of birth – 8:56 p.m.

Time of death -10:49 p.m.

Parents: Ashley Paul and Roney Patterson

Weight: 1 lb. 0.9 ounces

Length: 11 1/2 inches

Losing You

Losing you hurts.
Those long months I carried you,

Caring for you…
Feeling you, knowing you…
You were mine.
I gave myself to you,
But when you came,
You were not there.
The still tiny form was you,
And was not you.
I could look at you, touch you,
Long for you, weep for you,
Dream of what might have been.
I could not warm you,
Comfort you, culddle with you,
Make everything right for you. Why?
It doesn’t matter,
It wouldn’t change losing you.
It’s not that you are lost…
I know that for you, there is no loss.
But rather I have lost….you.
Even so, I will not forget you.
I will carry you within me, always.
Thoughts of you bring sorrow and tears.
But they also bring the comfort of caring for you,
Feeling you, knowing you,
You are mine, I love you.