Bottger Kristin Marie

In Memory of
  Kristin Marie Bottger

Born 12-17-80
Died 2-4-03

We treasure the memories of you,
our “Purple Angel.”

With all our love,
Daughter of Norman and Sheri Bottger
Sister of Andee Kreger and Sean Bottger
Aunt of Joey and Mikaela Kreger

A Heartfelt Remembrance from Gary Bentrup

My name is Gary Bentrup and I live in Milwaukee
Wisconsin. On Dec 4, 2003, Kristin Marie Bottger lost her life. She was born
on Dec 17, 1980 and survived by her dad and mom Norm and Sheri Bottger, brother
Sean and sister Andee. God has blessed me with Kristin’s heart and she still
lives on with many others here. I have had 17 heart attacks, 3 bypass surgeries,
a stroke, a coma, in a wheel chair and finally a heart transplant. I now have
Kristin’s heart and feel like 22 again. I have a new life and am totally healthy
again. My thoughts and prayers go to all that have lost her. She does still
live on and for that we can all be grateful.
My love to all of them: Kristin, Norm, Sheri, Andee and Sean