Moyer Cyrus Bertran

Cyrus Bertran Moyer



Son of Leeza and Bob Moyer

Brother of Barret, Genevieve, Susana,

Franklin, Katherine and Elisabeth Moyer

Barret and Cyrus ; Cyrus

Forever missed, never forgotten.

Cyrus Bertran Moyer

09/24/1996 ~ 10/28/1996

Here is a letter that we had read at Cyrus’ funeral. Our feelings for him have only intensified.

Dear Cyrus,

We have struggled to put into words the things we wish to say to you today, when we say good-bye. We are confused and hurt and angry and bitter that you had to die so young, and so writing this letter has seemed a complex and demanding task. But really it is very simple, and the thoughts we have are simple.

Your life was cut short by an accident. The time we had to love you was a gift, as was your life, and we are very grateful to have had the time we had to say good-bye. We are especially grateful that you could come home to be with your family and to die with dignity and love in your mother’s arms. But we are very sad and will miss you terribly as long as we live. Barret, as well, will miss out on so much as he grows up without you.

But we promise to keep your memory alive and to hold on fiercely to the lessons you taught during your brief stay with us. One of these is that while life is fragile and precious and miraculous, death is not the enemy. There are worse things than death, and continuing life at any cost is no life at all. But the most important lesson is that the things that give life true meaning are love and family. Without these things we are destitute, but with them we can endure anything. Your body is cold and lifeless, but the beautiful love you gave to us now burns inside each of us like the sun after which we named you, giving us strength and illumination.

We are honored and humbled to have experienced your love and to be your parents. Good-bye, Cyrus.

With our deepest and unconditional love,
Your parents, Bob and Leeza

We miss you so much our little Cyrus. As we watch your twin brother grow into a beautiful young child, it only makes us miss you more. Your brother Barret is the mirror of what you would have been. We will never forget you, and we will treasure your memory always.
With much love, Mommy, Daddy and Barret

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